Purchasing real estate is usually a big decision – most often it is the biggest investment most people make due to the long-term benefits, so naturally, they want to make sure they’re making a good decision.

If your potential buyer is hesitating to make a decision, it usually boils down to 2 things:

A: The prospective buyer is unsure of his or her decision, as a result of too much information.

B: The buyer is confused and needs more information to address the confusion.

Don’t be deceived, Buyers now have a lot of options which can lead to this overload; they talk to their friends, they read opinion pieces on the real estate market, they search online and they talk to agencies.

How can you help them to feel confident with their decisions? Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Align your knowledge with the potential buyer: Find out what they know (ask questions) and offer them more, do not be a novice to the trends in the industry. Indecisive buyers usually have more than enough knowledge in their arsenal, hence the reason they are hesitating. They would not like to make the wrong decisions. Make sure you know all they know and more. Impress them with your knowledge. This is super important.


  1. Eliminate the barriers: Don’t be too eager to sell by just offering all your products, know why the buyer is finding it difficult to make a decision and provide a solution. It could be finances (mortgage solution), distance (alternative routes) etc. Let them know you have a solution to, if not almost all their concerns.


  1. Put your customer service foot forward: You are a salesperson but you cannot be devoid of customer service skills. Indecisive clients don’t want to feel pushed or bamboozled into making a decision. Stop being a salesperson and start being a customer service person, in fact, become a CONSULTANT. Listen to them, understand their needs and provide professional advice and guidance. For them, their feelings should be more important than you closing your deal. If they don’t get this comfort from you, they will get it somewhere else. That’s the hard truth.




  1. Create an effective visual impact: Statistics show that people will usually retain 10% of the information they heard 3 days later, if you pair that information with relevant images, they will retain 65% of the information. You could explain complex statistics or information more easily if you created a visual to depict relevant content they can remember, will go a long way to increase their confidence in a buying decision.


  1. Be aware of what the buyer may get from your competition.Offer them a deal they can’t resist, try to ask questions to know what other offers the buyer may have been given and make sure you exceed their expectations. However, you may not always have a better monetary deal but you can make up for it with other selling points like return on investment and appreciation value.




  1. Finally, be patient: Do not rush off at every instance to see another client or get back to the office to do other duties. Remember, the decision the client is making at that moment may probably the biggest decision of their lives. Be on ground to make it with them. Remember they have no other connection to you but this deal and out of sight could be out of mind. Stay with them, answer all questions and show them how important they are to have your time and attention till you close your deal.



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