Like I said earlier all this happened like a dream. Initially, just like you, I was very sceptical. I mean, how many times have you clicked on a post on social media only to discover it was all a joke? Or perhaps the last free training which actually turned out to be a paid event with no real value? I know it can be extremely frustrating but you see, there are exceptions.

I came across REPRO Agency through a Facebook post. Just one regular afternoon after my tiring CDS (if you know, you know) I was fagged out, hungry and restless. I honestly don’t think anything can be as unfulfilling as being underpaid, which is typically the Nigerian labour market.

Anyway back to the story, so I clicked on this post that talked about the benefits of learning the art of sales and persuasion and earning huge commissions. I hesitated but one thing caught my attention. I figured that if you want to succeed at anything, you must learn the art of selling. Also, within that same hour of contemplating I saw this tweet from Richard Branson – a self-made tycoon, the founder of the Virgin group; Virgin Air, Virgin Cola etc.


The world is just one big marketplace and we are all selling something. Think about it, every day, everyone you meet is trying to sell something to you. And the people who make the biggest bucks are people who have become experts at selling and packaging. I imagined what I could do if I learned the act of selling to anyone, anywhere. So, I clicked.

Fast forward to the training day, out of curiosity I made sure I was there. I was prepared for this. The receptionist was polite, very polite in fact I became suspicious again. In my experience, free things are usually poorly presented anyway moving on. Ten minutes later, a fine looking gentleman stepped in and greeted us all.

There where people from all walks of life present; bankers, traders, civil servants, unemployed graduates, married women, it was an array of diversity. The session was phenomenal, at the end of the training I was prepared to pay if they had asked. Who gives so much knowledge for free? I almost forgot to add, I won the N5000 prize for answering the most questions during the quiz session. For it was too much to ask, a free top-notch training and a prize gift.



From a handshake to eye contact right down to how you speak and walk everything influences sales. Don’t believe me, ask the richest person you know. People perceive you by the aura you exude, that was just the first part.

Next, was digital marketing. Do you know that digital marketing skills are the most sought-after skills in today’s market? Think about all the things you could do if you could reach anyone, anywhere… fabulous money. Click here

Now let’s talk real estate, if you’ve never heard this before, know that the only thing that does not depreciate is land. Who remembers how much a plot of land sold in today’s lekki-Ajah axis about ten years ago? Tell me, how much is it worth today? Talk about building generational wealth.

90% Millionaires are Through Real Estate

Two things you should note today, there are always going to be more people and these people would require shelter. It is a human NEED, that is non-negotiable and there’s always someone looking to buy land. But before I knew all these things, I had to decide. I had to choose what kind of life I want to live. I had to make that call. And luckily for me, it was right in front of me. See Here

If this is the only thing you do today, don’t miss this chance to choose the kind of life you want to live today. Did I mention I was paid N250k as the commission for my first sale? To say the least, that was the first time I ever earned such an amount in one transaction. That fueled me, I realized, if I could sell one then I could sell five…ten…as many as I want to. People say the first is usually the hardest, I agree. But I would say, if you want to win, you must know the rules. There are rules to everything, and you’re about to learn the rules in the real estate business.

My next focus is getting my own property, I figured, why wait? What are you waiting for? Who knows when this opportunity would show up again? I’d hate to think I missed the biggest chance of my life. Guess what, they are back again and this time bigger and better. In this country creating your own economy is certainly the way to wealth and living your dream life, waiting for the government or that perfect job is waiting endlessly.

Well, I have said my piece. But why should you take my word for it but then again, why shouldn’t you?


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