Do you identify yourself as someone who delivers value, wealthy, is healthy and ambitious?

We all have thoughts about ourselves that run on the scale from positive to negative. I am sure some of these sound familiar – traits we are proud of, the skills we possess, insecurities we obsess over, deficiencies we worry about, etc. When you add all of those together, they become your personal identity. The way you think about yourself is a very powerful thing.

Your identity determines your beliefs and your BELIEFS determine your behaviour. When your identity is out of alignment with your goals and beliefs, you are never going to take the actions needed to achieve those goals.

Listed below are ways that you can make that shift in your identity and change your life

  • Closeness

They say you become like the five people you spend the most time with. So that begs the question:

How close are you to the type of people you want to be?

The truth is this: Whoever you spend most of your time absolutely matters.

You need to model your behaviour around the type of people you want to emulate positively and then grow into those behaviours that automatically become part of your everyday routine.

This you can do by doing the following:

  • Daily connect with those you want to be like. This could be in the form of reading books, attending seminars, listening to audios and so on.
  • Practise, practise, and practise all you learn. Take action.
  • Develop the habit of self-affirmations.



  • Pick Small Tasks & Document Your Wins

If you truly want to shift your identity, you want to help yourself gain momentum. By breaking strategies down into small tasks, you are able to start making headway almost immediately. Then you start documenting your wins and even your failures, so you can intelligently avoid certain mistakes.

Every time you check off a completed task, you are forging your identity as someone who does what you say you are going to do.

Starting with the small tasks allows you to “FEEL” your wins and start building momentum.




Remember Jim Rohn’s words of wisdom: “The things required to achieve the greatest things in life are both easy to do… and easy not to do.

Work on Your Confidence Every Day

So many people have so much potential, but some… crumble under pressure or worse yet… they never even try. They do not take action.

When you have confidence, you act boldly to achieve your dreams.

Here are six simple actions to up your confidence:

  • Get in the gym! – It is incredible how much this will shift your identity
  • Change the way you walk – Stand taller and put a smile on your face, square your shoulders and believe in yourself.
  • Watch your self-talk – You become what you think about and what you say to yourself.
  • Visualization – Close your eyes and envision where you want to be.
  • Role-playing – People who do not role-play scare me. When you practice, you build your confidence. There’s no other way to build confidence other than role play.
  • Make your calls – Or learn to live off less income.



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