Often times, we feel overworked, overwhelmed and overextended, we find ourselves avoiding certain tasks, putting off difficult conversations, and even ignoring important priorities.

Yet, when we do these things, we still expect to have results and we hope and hope. At the end we recycle the cycle, get overwhelmed, frustrated, with no results.

One thing is sure, the longer you wait the harder the task becomes, the more you delay, the harder the motivation is to find. Motivation is a force that comes from within. It helps us to push on when things are difficult, and overcome lethargy and procrastination.

But how can you turn it around? Especially if you’re a Salesperson, more specifically, a Realtor.

Simple… you find a reason. Your reason could be purpose or reward driven.

In some other context, your Reason is also known as your WHY factor or power. Why are you doing what you’re doing in the first place? Why are you a Realtor? Why do you want to make sales and so on. Your WHY factor.




Your reason

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.” ―Terry Orlick




Do not let your heart be silenced by the difficulties of life or the tasks ahead of you, find your purpose and you find your heart of human excellence. Find yourself a reason to do it. You need to know and have a deep understanding of why you want what you want. When you find this reason and it’s as clear as the blue skies within you, then tapping into your motivation to get things done will no longer be difficult.

Your reward

Like the donkey who knows he will get a carrot after a good days work, find your carrot, set your goals, decide on a reward and agree to give it to yourself when you’ve completed a task or set of tasks.

Never let that indecisive potential buyer deter your determination. Be inspired by your purpose to close a gap and the reward to follow. Don’t get tired of the non-productive visits to the site. Don’t be overwhelmed by the volume of non-return calls. TAP INTO YOUR MOTIVATION AND HOLD ON TO IT.



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