Success in life and business is all about realizing you are only competing against yourself. Competing “You against you” means taking action to better yourself every single day. It means making growth objectives part of your big-picture goals. It also means refining the things you are already doing to become more efficient, and ultimately, more productive.

The determinants of success is your mindset, your effort and your strategies.

Personal growth and development is crucial to success in real estate, and generally in any business. Training yourself to operate from an abundance mentality is a huge key to success in a business as competitive as real estate.

By committing to incessant growth and learning, you will be able to serve your clients at a higher level. Not only that, but staying sharp will help ensure your longevity in business.

When working on self-development, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • How are you working on yourself?
  • What are you reading?
  • What area(s) of your business need improvement?
  • What area(s) of your business need refinement?
  • How many events have you committed to attending?
  • What systems do you have in place to hold yourself accountable to your goals?

One of the greatest advantages of adopting this approach (self-evaluation) to your business is that it does not allow you any excuses. You accept the responsibility, and you reap the rewards. You will be happier in your business and more positive in your day-to-day outlook.



Here are three reasons why personal development is crucial to you as a realtor:

Increase your knowledge

By attending real estate events and seminars and meeting with the experts of the industry, you will gain the knowledge and insight necessary to navigate the ever-changing industry of real estate. Look for real estate events to attend because it will give you as a realtor the knowledge and motivation to thrive in the new era of real estate.

Build professional skills

It takes experience and a commitment to personal growth to build the skills required to be the ultimate real estate sales professional. Find a mentor to learn from and discuss ideas; read books to help you improve your sales skills, and keep a journal so that you can refer to your experiences later on.

Redefine success

As you go, and grow, you will find that your definition of success changes. Your initial thought of success before starting your career may have been different from what you think success is now. Perhaps when you started, you thought success was generating ₦5million in sales in a year; now, you may feel that you have had a successful year if you generate ₦20million in sales and are able to take a three-week vacation to travel or buy your car. The more you learn and build your skills, the more successful you will be which will allow you to strive to achieve goals that are more ambitious.


Implement an abundance mentality, commit yourself to competing only against yourself, and go become the absolute best YOU that you can be.

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