People make decisions about you in less than a second, you need to ensure you’re giving off the right impression. Overlooking how you look and smell can give off a misleading impression about you. The following tips would give you more insight on how to convey the appropriate sales pitch.


  1. Dress like your customer

Most people tend to trust and associate with people who behave like themselves. Mirror the clothing style of your potential leads. Match your attire to theirs if you can help it.

For instance, if you’re meeting with a client in a casual, laid-back setting, you might want to tone down your appearance. Also, if you’re meeting in a formal environment like an office, you opt for the more formal look. Keep in mind that it’s always better to appear overdressed than under-dressed. It is important to be suitably dressed within expected limits.

  1. Stay neat

Whether you’re dressed for a casual meeting or a formal presentation, ensure you appear neat at all times. Make sure your shoes are polished and presentable. Avoid anything that could give you or your clothes a pungent scent before the meeting.

Rule of thumb keeps a body spray and gum handy. Brush your teeth at least twice daily. After a meal, chew a gum or use mouth spray/wash to avoid a garlic smell.

  1. Don’t smoke

Avoid smoking before a meeting. The smell of cigars and cigarettes can linger on your clothing, and the act of smoking tends to divert your attention from making the best presentation possible.

  1. Regulate your facial expressions

Your facial expression matters. Although there’s nothing you can do to alter your face a lot can be done about your expressions. It is your duty to regulate your facial expression, maintain a positive attitude. Convey a calm, friendly and professional outlook. Not everyone you meet would treat you with respect but irrespective of how you may feel inside try to smile and appear optimistic. Visual impact is as important as verbal impact; people will quickly make assumptions based on your facial expressions and your body language. The mirror doesn’t always show your true expression, ask your family, friends and colleagues about how you truly look when you’re caught off-guard, concentrating on a task or listening to them.






  1. Body Language

Understanding body language is one of the most essential aspects of an impressive presentation. The image conveyed by the physical self should support and enhance what you’re communicating verbally. If your body language contradicts what you say, it is often your non-verbal account believed.

The way you sit, stand, your gestures and mannerisms and your facial expressions will say far more about you and how you are feeling at any given time than the words you are saying. It’s important to be aware of the signals you might be giving off.

Working on your body language is an excellent way of improving a personal presentation. Here are some good examples of Positive and Negative Body Language.

Positive body language includes:

  • Maintaining eye contact with the person you are speaking to.
  • Smiling (if appropriates.) but especially as a greeting and at the end of a conversation.
  • Sitting firmly on a chair, leaning slightly forward (this indicates you are paying attention.)
  • Nodding in agreement.
  • A firm handshake.
  • Presenting a calm exterior.
  • Looking interested.

Negative body language includes:

  • Not looking at a person when speaking (looking above, side-ways or below)
  • Tapping a foot, fingers, etc.
  • Rocking backwards and forward.
  • Scratching.
  • Continually clearing your throat.
  • Fiddling with hair, earlobes, jewellery, jacket, glasses, etc.
  • Picking at fingers or fingernails.
  • Yawning.
  • Repeatedly looking at your watch or a clock in the room.
  • Standing too close to others.
  • Not paying attention to the person who is speaking.





Proper appearance gives the impression of professionalism and contributes to trustworthiness and respect. Casual appearance in a professional setting can indicate a casual approach to the prospect’s needs. Proper grooming instils increases your self-confidence.

Smell good, look neat and close deals!


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