GREAT! You Clicked, Now, what’s next?

My name is Tunde Bakari, I’m a 36 year old, and an investment banker with one of the top investment banks in Lagos. I’m married and I have a 3-year old son. Six months ago I made a life changing decision, all of it stemmed from the same thing that you’re probably going through right now. I wanted more. I bet you want nothing less that’s why you are reading this.

I was one of those corporate Lagos men, ‘good’ job, long hours, barely enough pay and nearly unattainable targets. I lived on the mainland, worked on the Island. I was up by 4 am and back by 10 pm, I barely saw my wife who also worked at a firm as an accountant. We were fast becoming roommates. Not spending time with my son broke my heart.

In the real world, there were bills to pay; house rents, my son’s school fees, my mother’s hospital bills, family contributions, and groceries, petrol, family function aso ebi the list goes on and on. I came to the harsh realization that, I actually lived from hand to mouth, I didn’t have any substantial savings or investments. Let’s talk investment, while it’s easy to tell someone to invest in a business, choosing what to invest in is mindboggling. There are risks factors, time lags, management responsibilities involved. To cut the long story short, I didn’t have the time to do it, most of my time was shared between traffic and work.

But I did my research plus I’m an investment banker, it wasn’t so hard to find out that real estate was my way out. I’m sure at the back of your mind you know this as well or you’ve probably heard this before. The thing about real estate like any other business is, without the right information and tools, you cannot excel. That’s what led me to REPRO Agency.

I stumbled on REPRO Agency while surfing the internet for real estate training. Luckily for me, they had a training that Saturday. I acted fast, if you want to do anything, it’s best to act while it’s still hot.

On arrival, to my surprise, I was told not to pay any fee. That was a first, I thought to myself. I walked in with high expectations. The conspicuous nature of the training room screamed class. The speaker obviously knew what he was talking about as he shared deep insight facts about the real estate industry.

But this was what shocked me;

  • REPRO Agency provides the property you’d need to sell.
  • REPRO Agency equips you with knowledge and tools you need.
  • To cap it all, REPRO Agency gives you N250,000 direct commission and N50,000 indirect commission – that’s 25% direct sale commission and 5% indirect sales commission (residual income). WOW!!



Who does that?

If you know how business is usually done in Lagos, then you’d know this deal sounds a bit unbelievable. I dug deeper, I wanted to know the motivation behind this system.

I approached the facilitator then he told me that, their business model was founded on the need to empower people, providing sufficient reward for good results plus in the process of empowering people, they themselves make profits, hmm that’s a Zig Ziglar’s philosophy.  It is a win-win, sounded fair enough to me, after all, there’s really no free lunch. That stuck with me, working hard wasn’t a challenge as I’m sure it isn’t for you.

In the last six months, I have sold ten properties, that’s N250,000 commission for each; a total of N2,500,000. To think that I wasn’t even putting myself out there, half of the sales came from people I knew already. Right now, I’m doubling my efforts, horning the digital marketing skills I acquired from REPRO Agency’s training – click here to apply, I’m extending my reach to millions of people outside my cycle.

To say the least, some opportunities actually do change your life and it’s funny how it can come in the form of a click. Just one click


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