We Reward


At REPRO, we like to spoil our agents who compete at the top levels. Anyone can qualify for our incentives and live their dream lives here. Simply join our trainings, follow through the winning and proven program, work it and you will achieve it. A quick peek at our incentives below.


At various seasons within a year the leadership define achievable goals that comes with sleek cars as rewards for hitting such feats.

Would you like to drive away with a brand new car fully paid for by the company?

If yes, sign up to become our agent, partake in our trainings and become our certified realtor.


Would you like to travel the world, stay in beautiful places and experience different cultures? Travel with us to exciting destination around the world. Enjoy luxury accommodations, delicious meals and lots more. This incentive rewards our agents with an escape from reality for several days of training, relaxing and celebrating their achievements. We take our agents to different vacation paradise destinations and offers anything and everything from free spa treatments to golf.


You too like many of our realtors can earn huge commissions usually 10x the industry average. Our compensation plan max any out there, you earn as high as 25% direct commissions for personal sales and 5% indirect commissions for first generation downline sales.
Why are we willing to pay this much? It is because we believe that our realtors are the core of our business. Without them we are not in business. We also know that they put in so much to make a sale, hence they should be rewarded greatly.

Are you serious on earning part-time or full-time income as a real estate agent? Do you believe you can replace your full time income by becoming one of our realtors, live the life of your dreams? Yes, you can, like many have. Simply click on the button below to get started today!


Annual Convention offers a snapshot of the exciting opportunity available with REPRO. It is REPRO’s premier event in which hundreds of realtors convene from across the country to learn, share and celebrate all of the year’s efforts and accomplishments

Annual Convention offers a number of valuable experiences for realtors of all levels including business training meetings, product information sessions and team building sessions. The event includes a luxurious formal gala awards, impactful trainings, empowering success stories, amazing entertainment, recognition ceremony and banquet.